Visit precast references around the world



Have you ever wondered what an outdoors precast factory in Brazil might look like? Or a modern precast factory turning out the best quality floors in scenic Norway? What about a gigantic precast product factory in the Middle-East set up to build an entire new city? Or what about the look of precast buildings? Does a precast building always need to be a grey box, or are there perhaps other options?

Now you can stop wondering and see for yourself!  Take a look at the pages on the top navigator - precast concrete plants, concept and engineering services, precast buildings and the reference map - and you can see that there are many options in the factories and their capacities, and almost endless possibilities in the outlooks of the buildings. Welcome - we are proud to present you our selected portfolio of 3700 deliveries to over 100 countries across 6 continents.

Together we can fulfill yet another concrete dream, your dream, and put it on the map. North, South, West or East – we can navigate any sea, fly any route.