Concept design and engineering services


Are you considering precast as an option for a more efficient building project but are doubtful about how to proceed? If you feel that you would need more information about the system, its costs and the ways in which it can be applied, Elematic engineering services can support you to navigate every step of the planning and design processes.

We provide both concept design and end-to-end structural engineering for all kinds of buildings, from analysis and design to certification. Our team of designers consists of experienced experts that have been involved in a number of projects in different countries around the world. 

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Below you'll find a couple of examples of the projects we've had the honor to help materializing.

Nestle R & D Centre

Complete precast structure for a building of 15.000 sq.m. comprising of multi-storey precast columns, prestressed beams, prestressed slabs with structural topping, stairs, walls and CIS shear walls. The building is located on seismically active area of PGA 2.40 m/s2. The building is located in seismic zone 4. The building has large slab spans of 12.0 m and loading of 15.0 kN/sq.m.
  • Builder: Nestle R&D IndiaPrecaster: Survi Projects Pvt. Ltd.
  • Precast used: Precast Structure comprised of Precast Columns, Prestressed Beams, Basement Walls, Stair Walls and Stair flight. The Shear Walls are cast-in-situ.Project area: 19.000 m2
  • Number of floors: Ground + 2 floors + 2 floors future expansion
  • Seismic: Zone 4 as per IS 1893
  • Large span of slab 12.0m with heavy loading of 15.0 kN/m2 in high seismic zone IV of India

Student Housing, Jindal Global University

Structural design for 5 buildings, 6 storeys high, 40 000 sq.m. Each house was built in four months using precast wall elements, hollow core slabs, prestressed half slabs, and precast stair flights.
Products manufactured
Half slab, slipformed, Hollow-core slab, Stairs

Hospital, PMHS

Structural design for 6 storey high hospital building with seismicity of PGA 1.60 m/s2 and importance factor 1.50.The structure includes multi-storey precast columns, prestressed beams, hollow-core slabs with structural toppings, stairs, walls and CIS shear walls. The building has a total area of 25,000 m2 and a grid spand of 8.50 m.
Products used in building
Solid wall, Hollow-core slab, Stairs